Kawasaki Ninja 400 – Six month thoughts

At BikeReview.com.au we had our Project Ninja 400 for much of 2018, and with Kawasaki’s latest LAMS offering providing such a great entry level option, at the end of our project period I bought the ideal learner machine.

Sam’s been learning to ride a real motorcycle on the Ninja 400, having spent 10 years riding an automatic scooter, while it still provides an awesome everyday motorcycle for commuting and having some fun, especially if you’re worried about your license.

Sam getting the keys to the Ninja 400
Sam getting the keys to the Ninja 400

Fuel economy is another strong point, while the Ninja 400 offers a smaller sporty option in the LAMS segment with the benefit of the levels of performance you’d expect from the larger capacity learner options, including strong torque.

You can check out my thoughts in the following video, or for full reviews see BikeReview.com.au.

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