About Me

I started riding back in 2006 after convincing my Dad to help me purchase my first motorcycle, which was a Yamaha FZX250 Zeal from the local motorcycle store, and was an absolute bargain even with new tyres and a service added onto the price.

Having a few years experience driving I was lucky enough to start with some road skills, and rather than pay Dad back I opted to spend that money on some extremely vital work.

My grandfather and I, with my first bike - the FZX250, and one of his restored Nortons
My grandfather and I, with my first bike – the FZX250, and one of his restored Nortons.

One job was having the tank resealed after the rust started clogging up the carbies, while another was having the bike repainted in candy apple red from the standard red paint, including the forks.

I eventually gave up on four wheels, with the cost and parking a far greater inconvenience than dealing with cold or wet weather on two wheels. I moved on to a Yamaha FZ6N then a Triumph Speed Triple, then a Triumph Daytona 675 R for over five years. I now own a WR250R and my wife rides a Ninja 400.

My Yamaha FZ6N at Thunderbolts Way lookout
My Yamaha FZ6N at Thunderbolts Way lookout

I later decided to pursue a Bachelor of Communication: Journalism at APM College and was lucky enough to study under some amazing lecturers, many of whom were still working in the industry and provided a valuable and realistic perspective of the the state of the industry.

One of the final units of the course was an industry work placement, and as a long time reader of Rapid Bikes Magazine, and having a new found appreciation for magazine production – having covered it in my studies – I decided to try my luck doing that placement with Jeff Ware, Editor and Owner of Rapid Bikes, Knee Down and Used & Classic Bike Magazines.

2008 Triumph Speed Triple 1050
My 2008 Triumph Speed Triple 1050

Following my placement, I was able to continue working part time on Rapid Bikes Magazine, including when it was bought out by Universal Magazines (now Universal Media Co) and remained with the magazine for 3.5 years, including as Deputy Editor. I also worked as Staff Journalist for Retro & Classic Bike Magazine (previously Used & Classic Bike Magazine) for almost 2.5 years.

At the end of 2015 when Jeff Ware started BikeReview.com.au I moved with him and worked as Deputy Editor part time until mid-2019, while I also work in a sub editor role for MCNews.com.au part time.

My 2013 Triumph Daytona 675 R
My 2013 Triumph Daytona 675 R

This gives me the opportunity to test a wide variety of motorcycles, gear and accessories, photographing bikes and events, and meeting amazing people. Of particular personal interest is the LAMS (learner legal) segment and getting started as a motorcycle rider.