Suzuki SV650X Review

Suzuki’s SV650X offers a cafe racer styled take on the iconic standard SV650, which retains the originals exceptional value and really does encapsulate the soul of a real cafe racer. I spent a bit of time on Suzuki’s 2018 SV650X and was impressed with what they are offering for a competitive $10,690 Ride-Away price here in Australia.

With a great unrestricted V-twin powerplant offering characterful acceleration and torque the SV650X is also available in a Learner Legal restricted version for the same price. Whether the restricted powerplant offers the same draw is a question worth asking, because it’s a gem in this version.

An aggressive, committed riding position isn’t ideal for commuting but makes for an invigorating run through the twisties, with front brakes quickly reaching their limits, and for my riding style the bike rewarding a flowing, not too frantic pace. Come into the corners too hot and the otherwise sorted suspension and brake combo were less than fun. Keep it smooth though and the SV650X offers a rewarding ride.

The devil’s in the details and the SV650X is stylish in person, but with that raw, almost unfinished aspect that really speaks back to a true cafe racer, with a somewhat messy engine, but for the price, how can you complain, this is an ideal platform for further cafe racering.

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