Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini

Cool news out of Ducati today with a Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini announced for 2023, and this is a serious piece of eye candy. Maybe a little garish depending where you’re coming from, but the details on this bike are frankly amazing.

630 will be produced, with an additional 63 extra special versions for Lambo VIPs, who’ll also get to further customise the bike’s livery to match their car. Plus there’s a set of riding leathers, helmet and a jacket to match the regular special edition.

There’s a heap of trick stuff on this bike, with judicious use of carbon-fibre to really trick it out, which is a personal favourite. The Streetfighter V4 Lambo definitely fits the bill as motorcycle art and is inspired by the Huracán STO, which provided styling cues.

The STO is the highest performance Huracán even produced, essentially a racing car that’s road registerable according to Ducati, as a way of background if you’re not really into cars that almost certainly cost more than your house, like me.

The Streetfighter V4 is the natural platform for the special edition too, with this bike based on the 2023 V4 Panigale platform, so performance that’ll try and rip your arms out of your sockets, eye-popping brakes and aggressive handling to match.

The 1103 cc Desmosedici Stradale engine produces 208 horsepower and runs the dry clutch with a special carbon fibre cover, while Ohlins provide the Smart EC 2.0 semi-active suspension with blacked out forks, and Brembo Stylema brakes adorn the front. Kerb weight is 197.5 kg but sounds more impressive when you say 178 kg or so dry. On the extra special 63 units, owners can choose the caliper colour from four additional options.

When it comes to the special features we’re looking at Rizoma adjustable foot controls, as well as lightened brake and clutch levers, while heel guards, the saddle pad, sprocket cover, dash cover and ignition cover are all carbon-fibre.

Heat protection on the heads and manifolds is also run in carbon-fibre, as is the headlight support, mudguards and subframe covers.

Naturally it’s not really a true special edition without a fancier exhaust which is an Akro silencer in titanium on the V4 Lambo.

Other carbon-fibre features include the bellypan, radiator cover, wings, tank cover and tail. The seat got the STO treatment too, running similar colours.

The wheels are also special forged units, with a similar design to those seen on the STO, clad in Pirelli Rosso Corsas of course. A little detail is the fact the axle nut is titanium in red.

Features which particularly stand out to me are the two tone wings, with red detailing offset by exposed carbon-fibre.

We see similar on the tail with the carbon off-set against the paint with red detailing, and on the bellypan.

The bike comes with a certificate of authenticity, but also has the limited edition numbering set into the carbon fibre tank panel, as well as machined into an aluminium cut-out in the key.

For the track addicts out there, there’s also that carbon fibre clutch cover, but also caps for the number plat and mirrors, a racing fuel cap, and motorcycle cover to match the paint.

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