CFMOTO 450CL-C Cruiser Overview & Pricing

CFMOTO have just taken another swing at the established manufacturers, with the unveiling of the 450CL-C, which is a new beginner cruiser built around their 450 cc parallel-twin platform, with pricing here in Australia at $8790 ride-away, £5599 pounds in the UK and an MSRP of $5,699 in the US.

That is a LAMS machine in Australia obviously, and will fall into the A2 category in Europe, with a 30 kW performance figure demonstrating a bigger focus on torque than peak power.

As a point of reference CFMOTO seem to be pricing this new model to cut the Honda Rebel 500 and new Kawasaki Eliminator models off at the knees, likely taking it to Harley’s new X500 too. That’ll be the cat amongst the pigeons on pricing, with cruisers seeming to be a segment which often wasn’t as competitive as other bike types, with new entries often just closely price matching the existing offerings.

For more information head to the CFMOTO Motorcycles website (Australian link).

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