Triumph Speed 400 vs Scrambler 400 X: Compared

So Triumph Speed 400 vs Scrambler 400 X. Sporty naked roadster, rugged light scrambler? I was lucky enough to ride both at the Australian launch and thought I’d share some pros and cons if you’re in a predicament between the two.

Obvious answer, want a naked sport? Get the Speed 400, want a bit of off-road cred? Just a little bit? Get the Scrambler 400 X. We can do better than that though.

Are these two bikes interchangeable? Basically yes, but what are you losing going either way? Now these bikes are built off the same platform obviously, but Triumph have differentiated them in a couple of ways, that make then unique enough to be considered different machines in my mind, not just variants.

You can’t just change the tyres on the Speed and get a Scrambler X. There’s also a $1000 AUD difference between the two further complicating the decision-making, with the Speed 400 benefitting there at $8,990 ride-away, while the Scrambler 400 X is $9,990 ride-away.

For more information on the two models head to the Triumph Motorcycles website (Australian link).

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