Best Beginner Adventure Motorcycle of 2020?

Wondering what your choices are when it comes to the best beginner adventure motorcycles available in 2020? Here’s a run down of some of the most popular options at and under 500cc, covering a broad variety of adventure riding categories.

With the adventure category broken into adventure sport, adventure touring and the more traditional pure adventure, which has a greater focus on off-road prowess, it’s easy to get confused as to what’s right for you.

Honda CB500X
Honda CB500X

Things to keep in mind are what type of riding you’ll be doing, as some of these options like the V-Strom 250, Himalayan and 250cc dual-sport machines are limited to top speed and may not be as ideal for extended highway use.

In comparison options like the 390 Adventure, Versys-X 300, TRK502X and CB500X are all machines based on strong beginner motorcycle platforms, ready for anything, with the 390 ADV and Versys-X 300 lighter machines for those considering more off-road use.

Also remember if you are a new rider you’ll still be working out what is right for you, so this is a stepping stone to bigger and better things – although some of these machines are no doubt good enough to keep long term, if you’re happy with a smaller capacity machine.

Yamaha WR250R with mods
Yamaha WR250R with mods

I own a DRZ400E, and would likewise happily own a WR250R, but with other road bikes in the stable that’s an easy choice as I’ve got other road bikes for two-up riding, or doing longer touring riding.

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