2022 Yamaha XSR700 Review

I test ride the updated 2022 Yamaha XSR700 in this review, with a look at how the bike performs by today’s standard, including as a more advanced beginner option, particularly here in Australia where it is a LAMS restricted bike.

Based around the CP2 parallel-twin that powers the R7, MT-07 and Tenere 700, the XSR700 is a neo-retro option that is relatively basic in many ways, but well capable of delivering plenty of thrills.

This is the Australian LAMS version, with power limited akin to what we see in the A2 versions, and is a beginner orientated bike, at the top of that entry level segment both in price and capabilities.

Offering the bigger bike feel, more refined styling, and less plastic the XSR700 stands out, for delivering a slightly more relaxed flavour of the MT-07 package, and one that is more than the sum of it’s parts.

Even with the 2022 updates however the XSR700 is a fairly analogue bike in world of electrickery filled machinery, but that’s probably a large part of the appeal.

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