2021 Moto Guzzi Model Updates – V7, V9, V85 TT

Moto Guzzi have announced updates to their V7, V9 and V85 TT models for 2021, with the biggest updates found on the V7 models. The V7 Stone and V7 Special receive a larger engine in 2021, derived from that found on the V85 TT, with power up 25% to 65 hp and torque reaching 75 Nm.

The new engine is also Euro5 compliant, and has seen the adoption of a new heavier duty cardan final drive. Other changes included updated shocks, a revised frame, two tier saddle and new footpegs. Side panels, the rear mudguard and exhaust are also new.

The V7 Stone receives a full LED lighting system, instrument cluster and larger 150/70 rear tyre, with alloy rims. The V7 Special on the other hand gets a set of spoked rims.

The V9 likewise receives the new engine and frame, in a Bobber and Roamer form, boosting power and becoming Euro5. Both models get revised rider pegs, while the Bobber gets a new seat, side panels and front mudguard, plus digital instruments, LED lighting and a DRL.

On the Moto Guzzi V85 TT we see the brand claim low to mid range improvements to performance thanks to timing updates and revised electronics, however no official figures are out on what that actually equates to.

Other changes include a new set of tubeless wheels, saving 1.5 kg, while two new electronic modes are added, one being customisable.

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