2020 Destination Yamaha Nowra Adventure Ride

I recently joined the Destinations Yamaha Nowra run, a single-day adventure ride from South Nowra, encompassing the local trails and some tracks.

The day was run by Lyndon Heffernan and his Academy of Off Road Riding, and for $95 AUD you get a day of planned out adventure riding, with a mix of conditions, a lead and sweep rider and support vehicle.

If you’re not sure about places to ride, or riding solo, or just want a more carefree experience, this kind of event from Destination Yamaha is well worth checking out. Lunch is dropping by a local bakery, while there was a great variety of different terrain.

As a less experienced rider there was some challenging sections and I didn’t take part in the final loop of the day which was designed for more experienced riders. Overall though it was a great experience that let me work on my riding skills and have some fun.

It’s a pretty laid back day overall too, with breaks to take a drink and have a bit of a chat and everyone was very friendly, even if I was definitely the slowest rider by a pretty significant margin.

We barely saw another vehicle all day on the fire trails, passing just a few 4WD and seeing some other motorcyclists, while most of the riders were on Tenere 700s, although there was a Super Tenere, big Beamer and some WR250R and WR250Fs.

I took my new WR250R along and you’ll find my thoughts on the event in the video above, as well as some onboard footage.

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