Ventura EVO-22 Motorcycle Bag & Rack Video Review

Looking for an easy luggage solution for your motorcycle? Chances are Ventura have the solution, with their L-Bracket system available for almost any motorcycle, and fitment generally being bolt-on and cut-free.

I’m taking a look at the Ventura EVO-22 motorcycle bag and the EVO rack system today, as this is one of the sportier setups available, with a low profile rack and not too large bag, for those who want storage that doesn’t totally overwhelm the look and style of their bike.Ventura EVO-22 Motorcycle Luggage Review

The EVO rack is a flat rack, which the EVO packs slide over and clip into place on, meaning no big loops, and a super minimal look on the bike. With no bag fitted, you’ll barely notice it’s there. The EVO-22 bag holds 22 litres and has room for a full face helmet, and a shoulder strap makes for easy carrying off the bike, thanks to two hoops.

There’s a strap on the front and back, with easy to use clips holding the bag securely in place. A front pocket is accessed via a zip, with a zip also around the top of the bag. The interior is bright red, which is eye-catching and makes it easy to spot items in the bag, some some very small mesh pockets on either side of the bag.Ventura EVO-22 Motorcycle Luggage Review

The EVO-22 bag is a reasonably rigid design, so it holds its shape, but these bags are not waterproof, despite being reasonably water resistant – particularly if you give them a spray with a waterproofing agent you’d use on textile gear.

You can buy the full setup for your bike, with a bag, rack and L-brackets specific to your model, or you can buy the combination you need, including just L-brackets if you want to move your Ventura luggage to a new machine.

Ventura EVO-22 Motorcycle Luggage Review
Ventura EVO Rack

Ventura motorcycle luggage are available from all good motorcycle stores in Australia and are imported by Kenma Australia:

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