2023 Yamaha YZ250X Model Update & Pricing

Alongside updates to the YZ125X I’ve covered in another video, the bigger Yamaha YZ250X has also been updated, and will be the first 2023 model to arrive in Australia with ride-away pricing set at $13,449 as it stands, from September 2022. The YZ125X in comparison won’t be here till January 2023.

In contrast US pricing is listed at $7,999 but delivery and freight add another $725 plus there at a minimum…

This isn’t quite as extensive an update as we’ve seen on the 125, with a smaller host of updates to the powerplant here.

That 249 cc liquid-cooled reed-valve inducted two-stroke is also powered by the Hitachi Astemo Keihin PWK38S carb, but receives revisions to the compression ratio, exhaust port timing and Yamaha Power Valve System timing, not to mention the model specific CDI unit, as we saw on the YZ125X.

Ergo updates first seen on the YZ250 also come across, with a thinner fuel tank design, slimmer shrouds and flatter seat for better overall ergonomics and ease of movement on the bike, particularly shifting weight around.

Brake updates are another area mirrored from the 125, with a more rigid caliper fitted to the redesigned 270 mm rotor, and larger pistons run inside the caliper. That equates to 30 per cent more pad contact, which ensures better feel and power on the front brake.

The rear in contrast goes a smaller, lighter rotor down to 240 mm and that reduces unsprung weight as a result, but doesn’t sacrifice braking performance.

Clutch durability also received some attention, with the six inner pressure plates adopting a new friction material with strong heat resistance, ideal for extended cross country competitive riding, where the stress on the clutch is high.

On the suspension end of things, fork internals are new, with revised settings also rolled out, aimed to offer better bump absorption, cornering and comfort, alongside the extended demands of cross country and enduro style competition.

That’s KYB Speed-Sensitive System inverted forks, and a KYB single shock, both fully adjustable and offering 300 and 315 mm of travel respectively.

YZ-X specific features are the 18 inch rear wheel, wide-ratio gearing, but a five-speed, and standard side-stand, as well as a sealed o-ring chain, reserve fuel petcock, and fork seal scraper.

Tyres are mirrored to those on the 125, with Dunlop Geomax MX33 rubber fitted, with a 80 by 100 and 110 by 100 set fitted front and rear respectively.

Seat height of the 2023 YZ250X will be 975 mm, while the bike weighs in at 104 kg, if the figures I’ve been able to spot are accurate.

That’s not as big an update as we’ve seen on the YZ125X for 2023, however it’ll no doubt still be welcome to anyone looking at picking one up.

The Australian delivered YZ250X models also get an off-road riding kit fitted to the bike as standard as a bit of a bonus.

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