2023 Yamaha MT-07 Update Overview

It’s finally happened riders, the Yamaha MT-07 is getting an upgrade in 2023, and it’s a TFT display! It’s going to be a quick video because that’s most of the upgrades.

The new five inch TFT runs a dual-theme layout, so you can choose between Street and Touring in a nice little quality of life feature that should offer dash views that suit the different rider styles and preferences.

Then you get smartphone connectivity with the Yamaha MyRide app, over Bluetooth, for call, email and message notifications.

The app will also notify the rider of any technical issues, and can email a designated contact, say your motorcycle dealership in the event that crops up.

The app also monitors your route, distance, acceleration, top speed, lean angle and more, with sharing available through social media.

While the updated MT-07 won’t come with a quickshifter, it will come quickshifter ready, so you just grab one out of the accessory range and fitment should be very easy. Hopefully that also means the quickshifter will be fairly affordable and I’ll admit I would have liked that to have been a standard inclusion personally. Is that me asking for too much? Maybe, but it’s always better to ask for too much than too little.

The other update is the front fender now being painted according to Yamaha, although I can’t see it in the images provided, so I’m not sure if I’m being dense or it’s painted matt black. As it stands it looks like the same ole raw plastic finish.

The other change is the switchblock, now running switches for the TFT display which is ideal. I used to think just running controls off the dash was easy enough, but in gloves, switches are really just a better, more elegant solution.

In a somewhat ironic turn of events the MT-125 is also updated and actually receives a traction control system. Now I don’t think the MT-07 needs it, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was added simply to bulk out the inclusions. So props to Yamaha for keeping the CP2 parallel twin the analogue machine of the offerings.

Colour options will be Cyan Storm, Icon Blue and Tech Black, but availability may differ by market.

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