2023 KTM RC 8C Update Overview

2023 has seen the KTM RC 3C racer further evolve, with only 200 to be built, and pricing set at $40k in the US, with upgrades to the engine to boost performance, expanded electronics and further weight savings, leaving the 2023 RC 8C boasting 135 horsepower and weighing just 142 kg dry.

That’s an increase in seven horsepower, although my notes from 2022 suggest that previous model was 140 kg dry in comparison. While power is also up, torque is slightly down to 98 Nm, and while on a street bike torque is likely the bigger figure to note, on a track machine peak power plays a larger role, as you can actually take advantage of it.

As far as the updates, in the engine department we’ve seeing new lighter titanium valves and conrods, with two piston rings run, higher compression and a bigger throttle body to flow more fuel.

Clutch preload is increased, the top balancer removed and the crankcase balancer shaft has also been adjusted, with an eye on durability, while a Pankl oil cooler is also run to keep things cool.

KTM also reckon they’re running a new titanium Akrapovic exhaust system, but I can’t spot any obvious differences to the outgoing version with a cursory look.

The chassis side of things is trick and mirrors what we saw last year, with that Chromoly steel tubular or trellis frame with adjustable steering head and CNC machined triples, mated to a set of WP Apex Pro 7543 forks, Apex Pro 7746 shock and joined by a Apex Pro 7117 steering damper, which apparently is the same unit run by WP supported racing teams.

What has changed for 2023 is the suspension configuration, with the setup now softer according to KTM, for better comfort and contact, where we can only assume the previous model was a bit punishing in comparison.

Top end Stylema four-pot calipers fitted and mated to 290 mm floating rotors, while a RCS19 Corsa Costa master cylinder is run. The rear runs a 230 mm rotor and two-piston Brembo caliper in comparison.

Both bars and foot controls are CNC machined units, with the steering head angle 66.7 degrees, with a degree of adjustability each way in half degree increments, while trail is 98.6 mm, with a 1400 mm wheelbase, no changes there from the 2022.

On the electronics side of things, we’re seeing adjustable throttle response, traction, control, launch control and anti wheelie, as well as engine braking adjustment.

An updated dash joins the package with GPS data-logger, and KTM RC16 derived switches are run, with race pattern controls and a quickshifter+ ensuring flawless and clutchless shifting. That dash is a full factory AIM MXS 1.2 Race unit, with plenty of adjustability as far as what’s displayed and AIM RaceStudiois part of the package for the pit team to track data live.

Wheels are Dyman lightweight forged aluminium UP7X units, with a 3.50 front and 6.00 inch rear, both 17 inch of course. Standard tyres will also be Pirelli Diablo Superbike racing slicks.

Obviously the look of the 2023 KTM RC 8C is a departure from the outgoing model, doing away with much of the orange bodywork for a more downstated black loadout, that’s punctuated by carbon-fibre, seen on the front guard and wings. KTM also promise easily crash damaged parts are easily replaceable.

Each bike runs a serial number stamped onto the triple clamp and there’s even a special track day for 30 lucky purchasers at Valencia in April, including track tuition and the full KTM and WP suspension crew on hand to dial in your new bike, offering a full factory experience.

Now Australian pricing of the 2023 RC 8C was $59,900, with US pricing landing at $39,995 and UK pricing being £30,999 pounds. I say was because as mentioned they sold out pretty much instantly, so I guess I’ll just have to keep making do with my Svartpilen 401, although I wouldn’t mind a set of those wings.

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