2023 Ducati Scrambler 800 Updates

Ducati have announced updates to their Scrambler 800s for 2023, with a three-model line-up, that’s moving to RbW, or Ride-by-Wire, which has allowed for the addition of ride modes and traction control, while still keeping these features kind of simple. That’s just two riding modes with a wet mode offering increase intervention in slippery conditions.

A new 4.3 inch TFT is also added, further modernising the Scrambler 800s, and it’s hard to argue this won’t be a win for most riders, unless they really really like the old school clocks, although that’s not unheard of.

Other notable changes include the move to a new clutch, running an eight-disc affair which offers a lighter lever pull. That also compacts down the engine on the clutch side, offering more foot room, although honestly, I can’t say I ever noticed that limitation on a Scrambler 800.

2.5 kg has actually been shaved off the engine in total, with the adoption of new engine cases for the clutch and alternator covers, as well as the belt covers, with the Scrambler X logo featured on the first two.

The chassis has likewise been updated, feeding into the 4 kg weight saving in total, with the trellis frame becoming a two-piece affair, with bolt-on subframe – which I’d have thought would increase weight, but which Ducati say has seen it decrease – alongside a new swingarm that repositions the shock towards the centre of the bike and does seem to keep it well clear of the exhaust and collector.

Other new features include the tank design, as well as the headlight, now a full LED unit with DRL and more prominent X logo, to match those cases. I’ve got to admit that’s a marked improvement in my mind. That joins the LED taillight and indicators for full LED lighting all round.

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