2020 Yamaha NMax 155 vs XMax 300 Video | Which is right for you?

I have a look at the Yamaha XMax 300 and do a quick comparison after having tested the NMax 155 for a couple of weeks, looking at the differences between these two scooters and how they might suit different riders.

The NMax 155 offers a high value option, complete with ABS, a VVA 155 cc Blue Core single-cylinder engine and disc brakes, while the XMax 300 takes that to another level with a larger 292cc single-cylinder for much more plentiful performance, alongside larger disc brakes – also ABS equipped – Traction Control, larger 15/14 inch wheels, a more generous screen and generous underseat storage, and a more premium overall machine.

2020 Yamaha NMax 155
2020 Yamaha NMax 155

Obviously power isn’t everything with the lighter NMax 155 offering better fuel efficiency, a lighter and more manageable package, especially for smaller riders, not to mention a smaller all-round scooter which will be easier to park.2020 Yamaha NMax 155

The 155 cc is also plenty capable of around-towning and even travelling up to 100 km/h, with the powerplant derived from the R15, and having the same VVA system, which allows Yamaha to tune a broader range of power and performance.2020 Yamaha NMax 155

Suspension is quite sporty which at times can mean harsh over poor roads, while brakes do a great job bringing the light machine to a rapid halt, but the NMax 155 is on the simpler side with no electronics, basic switchblocks and a very down to earth approach to scootering, with value a top of mind proposition.

The XMax 300 is a significant step up in many ways, starting with the price, a $3k premium over the NMax 155 is explained by a larger 292 cc powerplant that offers a higher top speed, meatier mid-range and good highway and two-up cruising capabilities.

2020 Yamaha XMax 300 Review
2020 Yamaha XMax 300

Plus you get traction control, a higher finish quality – not to complain about the NMax – but the XMax is a step up, with a taller screen, better wind protection, wider seat and significantly more storage, with room for two helmets and extra.2020 Yamaha XMax 300

Plus larger wheels, better brakes, more plush suspension, a cooler dash with dual clocks and a digital central display, busier switchblocks and a lockable storage compartment next to the ignition. Oh and a pretty nifty keyless system controlled via that ignition button.2020 Yamaha XMax 300

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