2020 Yamaha MT-07 LA (LAMS) Video Review

Yamaha’s MT-07 has been a popular beginner option since its introduction, with plenty to offer to the more experienced rider, with a LA (restricted 35kW) and HO (full 74 hp) version on offer as a testament to just how good a motorcycle it is with wide appeal.

I take a look at the LA version which is LAMS legal here in Australia and has seen styling and suspension upgrades in recent years, sharpening up an already great machine.

Sitting at the premium end of the LAMS segment in Australia, both in price and specification, the MT-07 or MT-07LA delivers the full bike package for new riders, with performance that is highly unlikely to be a limiting factor.

Dual disc brakes on the front end with four piston calipers, ABS as standard, a fun, characterful and compliant powerplant and fueling, plus sporty suspension make the MT-07 one of the best beginner bikes you’ll find if maximum power and that real full sized bike feel are important to you.

Plus there’s a big range of accessories, and quite a cult following around the MT-07 around the world, meaning plenty of other riders to offer inspiration, and lots of rider communities to join.

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